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  • Thunder Esports Center 20434 South Santa Fe Avenue Long Beach, CA, 90810 United States (map)

Your new Monday button-mashing mayhem meetup is HERE! Initially started by Sean Chiplock (sonicmega), "Habib" Ceaser, and "Champ" Tangwongkitsiri, Mega Smash Mondays is committed to bringing tournament opportunities to more local areas. Come out and have a Smashing time! This event is also part of the SoCal Smash League.


  • Date: Every Monday
  • Location: Thunder Studios
  • Address: 20434 S Santa Fe Ave, Long Beach, CA 90810


  • Smash 4 Singles
  • Smash 4 Doubles Free
  • Smash Ladder Matchmaking Free

---All Events Are BYOC (Bring your Own Controller)---


  • FREE PLAY: An area dedicated to free play throughout the entire event!

  • FREE EVENT: Smash 4 Doubles & Matchmaking system event where you can play whenever you want and as much as you want!

  • FREE INTERNET: Simply join the guest wifi

  • FREE RAFFLE: By entering the event, you automatically enter to win a free subscription to our twitch channel!

  • FREE BASKETBALL: Two hoops ready for you to shoo the J!


Venue Fee: $10

Wii U Singles Fee: $5

Wii U Doubles: Free

Matchmaking: Free

Cash, credit, and debit card are accepted.

Credit and debit have a $1 transaction fee

Note: Venue fee is only $7 if you sign up for the next MSM when you register for this current event.


5:00 PM - Registration Starts

5:30 PM - Doubles Registrations closes; Doubles Tournament starts

7:00 PM - Singles Registrations close; Singles Tournament starts

(During Tournament, after Round 2 Losers) - Matchmaking begins


  • If you think you will not arrive by 7PM then you must pre register for this event. It's free to do so.
  • You can only register for doubles in person and both you and your partner must be there.


Take the Metro Blue Line and get off at the Del Amo Station. Thunder Studios will be less than five minutes walking distance from there.


Parking is $2. Although, Street parking is available for free and plenty!


Try Uber as a new customer and get a free ride:

Try Lyft as a new customer and get $50 :

or try asking the SoCal ride share group:


WiiU + Game system = $2 off venue

(Due to consistent lack of use, systems w/o adapters are NOT ELIGIBLE for discount; we reserve the right to refuse systems that do not have all required stages/characters unlocked)

Carpool with 4 or more people total in the car and the driver gets $2 off venue fee. Must message Champ by 6PM with all the people in your carpool.


Similar to LoL, Overwatch or other online games, matchmaking pairs you up with an opponent in similar skill to you. Everyone is eligible for this and you can play as much as you like and whenever you like. The winner will get a free entry to the next MSM or a T-Shirt.


You must take out your battery and unsync your controller when you are not playing. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification of your next match.


  1. Discounts are given only for monitors/systems that are used. We reserve the right to 'cut off' the waive incentive when stations are filled.
  2. TOs have the final say on any rulings. If you choose to wait until after your set to bring up an issue, don't be surprised if what you agreed to is used to close the case.
  3. Event and rules are subject to change without notice (although we will do our best to inform ahead of time)
  4. Volunteers are responsible for the safety/use of their provided setups/monitors. Efforts will be made to ensure you return home with your items, but we cannot guarantee any protection vs. loss, theft, or damage.

Please ask one of the TOs if you have any questions or feel that a rule or regulation is being violated.

Earlier Event: July 3
Later Event: July 10